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  • Proprietary know-how, design, construction and testing with our own facilities, built 100% in Italy

  • The system can be customised, modified and constructed based on specific requirements

  • Up to 6 users can be managed at the same time

  • Complete range offered. From an economical product for private customers to a professional product, both with an excellent cost/performance ratio

  • Uses highly reliable commercial products where possible, thus guaranteeing a widespread assistance network worldwide
  • Remote management and assistance service, with automatic updates

  • Storage of the equipment activity and programs of each user on a cloud server

  • Remote control of equipment operations by the user, with a log and summary view

  • Filing of each user’s programs used and settings on a cloud server

  • The double-stretch fabric of the Well-Body bodysuit guarantees exceptional fit and outstanding comfort. The conductive silicone electrodes guarantee lasting performance and contact with the skin even without wet clothing

Components of the system